What does virginity mean to a queer person, who may never have vaginal intercourse in her/his/hir life? What of a lesbian who chooses to never engage in any sort of penetrative sex act her entire life, does she remain some sort of super, extra virgin? If a straight man receives a blowjob, he will in all likelihood still consider himself a virgin, but a gay man receiving a blowjob may have a more complicated understanding of what it means for his sex life. In many ways, our conception of “virginity” erases or invalidates queer sex.

Virginity: Ditch It (sexposgrrrl)

"Virginity" is a social construct. 

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Our sister blog, Spicy Gear, wrote about this in their article, Five Myths and Facts About Virginity!

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I remember telling a guy that my first time was with a girl and he said “you’re still a virgin then?” Fuck the ‘virgin’ myth and fuck these boys who think their mythical penises are the necessity for sex

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